Snowy, Snowy Night for Maeghan + Brian: Massachusetts Wedding Photographer

Meaghan and Brian had planned a lovely autumn wedding in Massachusetts, close to the base of Wachusett Mountain. The ceremony was to be held at a lodge, outside where the foliage was at its peak. So, you can imagine how surprised everyone was when a Nor’easter decided to blow-in and drop almost two feet of snow on their wedding day! It didn’t stop the day form being beautiful and special, but certainly gave them a wild story to tell.

I was proud of Maeghan for braving the storm and heading out into the snow for a few photographs documenting the dramatic weather on their wedding day.
We had to duck under some pine trees just to get a photo without snow falling in front of their faces! It’s a good thing Maeghan brought her Uggs!

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My wedding and portrait photography business is located in the heart of South County, Rhode Island close to URI and the scenic, south coast beaches. I grew up here and feel so lucky to be able to work and create in such a beautiful location! My approach to photography is much like my approach to life: creative, relaxed, natural and fun. I would describe my style as a blend of candid & photojournalistic with traditional & artistic images. I love taking the time to create some beautiful, romantic portraits of my brides & grooms, but also the spontaneous moments throught the wedding day. 

I consider my website and blog a place where I can visually journal about the amazing people and places I get to photograph. Not only do I consider myself exceptionally lucky to be making a living taking photographs for people at important moments in their lives, but I also get to meet an amazing cross section of people I might not otherwise get to know. In the ten years I have been in business, I have had the chance to photograph couples riding high on the excitement of their recent engagement, on their wedding day, parents-to-be waiting to meet their new child, newborn babies, children marking milestone birthdays and families who want to remember a certain time in their lives by capturing it in a photographic portrait.  

In more recent years, I have had the opportunity to photograph the weddings of younger siblings and friends of previous wedding clients, and the maternity, newborn and family portraits of couples whose weddings I photographed in years past. It feels amazing to know my creative vision of these occasions is a part of their lives and their family history and I am grateful for each and every one of them. When I say I love what I do, it is from a genuine place. I can't imagine doing anything else and feeling as creativly satisfied and pleased to make my clients happy.  

I studied photography at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) for undergraduate school and received a Master of Fine Arts degree from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. 

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